Like a newborn baby…

Newborn babies have no cares apart from eating, sleeping and pooping/peeing. Just as it is the mother’s concern to worry about the baby’s needs, our Good Good Father wants us to rest in Him, knowing that He is fully able and capable of taking care of our needs.

In 2018, travel light…

With each new year, we expect that the new year itself would bring us something new. Yet, we fail to realize that it is what we take into the new year that would yield for us what we took into it. What are you taking into 2018?

Some trust in chariots & horses…

Some have trusted in chariots and others in horses, but have been severely disappointed. Wouldn’t you rather trust in the name of the Lord your God?

The Excellency of the Power

Do you know that you have this great and precious treasure in your earthen vessel? Do you know what that treasure is, and what it does in you?

The fear of the Lord!

What does it mean to walk in the fear of the Lord? Does it mean to tremble at hearing His name or voice?

The Spirit of Familiarity

Once, God had to speak through a donkey to get the attention of His own prophet because He had become familiar with God’s voice. What if that is what is stagnating your Christian growth?

God of All Grace

Do you find yourself in a place where you wonder where your help will come from? Do you know that God is a God of ALL grace and is our ever present help in time of trouble?