What have you seen and heard? Share it!

When GOOD things happen in our lives, we tend to want to share them with others. When we get that job/thing/person/experience we had wanted for months, we want the whole world to hear about it. So why do we fail to share the joy of our salvation and experience in Christ?

Unlike most of us who might be shy or conscious of what others might think about us, the Apostles were neither shy nor conscious. Far from it; they were BOLD to declare andproclaim to you what we ourselves have actually seen and heard so that you may have fellowship with us.” [1 John 1:3]. But what did the Apostles see and hear?

They saw first-hand how Jesus destroyed the works of the enemy through preaching, teaching and healing (Acts 10:38). They saw the final seal of redemption when Jesus died on the cross. They also saw the embodiment of what true love is and should be (John 3:16). And of course, they saw miracles, signs and wonders. They experienced the full baptism of the Holy Ghost, and in the case of Apostle John, saw the third heavens and supernatural things. Yet they did not keep these things to themselves. Rather they proclaimed out loud and clear, far and wide so that you may freely share our joy” [1 John 1:4].

There are many out there who don’t have joy or even know what is is like to have joy. Why don’t you let someone share in your joy by sharing what you have experienced?

So, what have you seen? What have you heard in your walk with Christ? Share it and make someone’s joy complete today!

What Are Your Thoughts?

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