A heart of praise!

What shall I say to you my Lord?
What words can I utter to you?
What song shall I sing to you?
What praise shall I give to you?
Where do I even start from?
Where do I even begin?
Your grace and mercies
Confound every part of me
Your deep love for me
Confuses my sense

What song shall I sing to you?
For there are many
What shall I render unto you?
For your faithfulness towards me
Which words do I start with?
“Thank you”, or “God is good”?
My King of Kings
My Lord of Lords
My Beginning and the End
My God who is “I AM who I AM”
The one whose name is Faithful
Jehovah Jireh my provider,
Never have I lacked because of you
Jehovah Shalom my Prince of Peace
Even in the storm you give me peace

The healer of my soul
Healer of my heart
Healer of my mind
Healer of my body
Healer of my being
Your healing touch saved me
What shall I give to you?
My gratitude is beyond words
Its evidence from the tears in my heart
Tears of joy and awe
Just for who you are
Abba Father, who is like unto thee?

Many may wonder why I sing this praise
As if you have done something,
Something BIG in my life
But what they don’t know is that
Being alive this morning 
Is BIG to me
That each moment with you
Is BIG to me
That my testimonies are so many
Including my life itself,
That I don’t need a human BIG moment
To express my gratitude
For indeed you are GOOD
Lord you are GOOD

You are AWESOME!

4 Comments Add yours

  1. What seriously inspired you to write “A heart of praise!
    | Fight the God fight of Faith”? Itruly appreciated the blog post!
    Thanks -Lorenzo


    1. Ohpeekay says:

      Lorenzo.. I am glad you were blessed by the post. Truly, I believe the inspiration for this blog post was Psalm 103. Check out today’s blog post called “Forget me not”, you’d understand why.


  2. “A heart of praise! | Fight the God fight
    of Faith” was a great blog post, cannot help but wait to read a lot more of
    ur postings. Time to spend numerous time online lol.
    Thanks a lot -Penney


    1. Ohpeekay says:

      Hi Penny,

      Thank you for your comment. I am inspired to even share more of what the Holy Spirit shares with me concerning God’s WORD.

      Have a blessed and prosperous week. Remember, through it all, have a heart of praise.


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