Rocks will not cry out in our place!

His triumphant entry into David’s great city
With crowds jubilating at His arrival,
A Savior’s entry on a lowly ass
Like a sheep to his shearers,
Laying aside His divinity
To deliver humanity
From the chains that held them bound
To save his creation from eternal damnation!

The crowd’s shout of “Hosanna!”
Heard in heaven as “Save us, NOW!”
A chorus of pleas for freedom
Like those of the Israelites
In the days of Moses,
Desiring to be set free
From their slave masters,
These pleas, more desperate
For these slave masters,
Death and hell, show no mercy
Leaving behind no survivors of their atrocity!

So they worshiped
With palm fronds and clothing
While others mocked and jeers
But they will not let rocks cry out in their place.
So we too, we worship with our lives
We fall prostrate and offer the calves of our lips
As worship for that triumphant entry
The one that marked the end of the rule of sin
And ushered in the rule of life, life everlasting
A victorious life in Jesus Christ!

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