Lip-Service Love

There is something called “lip-service love”, where someone confesses (sometimes passionately) with their lips that they love you and sometimes even how much they love you. Yet, that person falls short of ever expressing that love in actions. Being in such a relationship; be it platonic, relational or emotional, leaves one wondering whether or not they are truly loved because there is no meat to the bones! Such love leaves one in a state of constant insecurity and worry of whether or not this love can be true.

But God who is love himself showed us how to love by giving His only Son Jesus Christ as a sacrifice for our sins. He did not only say He loved us, He showed us what He meant when He said He loves us [John 3:16]. He even demonstrated this love even when we had no knowledge of him and even while we were yet sinners [Romans 5:8].

Therefore, if we claim to love God, which many people do, then it cannot be a love of lip-service. It ought to be a love which is backed by actions, after all even faith without works is dead! “Loving God means keeping his commandments, and his commandments are not burdensome” [1 John 5:3].

Yet, how can you keep God’s commandments if you don’t know what they are? God’s commandments and what his desires are, are written in his Word; the Bible. Take time each day to study what God likes and does not like, just as you would for a person you truly love. Get to know what makes his heart beats and what his intentions for your life are. Learn those things and know that you can do anything through Christ which strengthens you [Philippians 4:13], including keeping his Word. He has not left you helpless in this area. You have the Holy Spirit in you to point you to the truth and to equip you in keeping God’s commands [John 14:15-18].

All you have to do is avail yourself and give control over to God. Sounds simple, NO?

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  1. aimi says:

    Thank you for following my blog!! 🙂 Nice blog~!


    1. Ohpeekay says:

      You are welcome Aimi. Have a great day.


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