Happy Father’s Day Abba Father

Today I went on a stroll with my Father
Just to get to know Him better
Just the two of us, in a quiet place
‘Cos it had been just too long
Since we had spoken in such depths
For I had rebelled against him
Packed my things and left his home
Moved in with His enemy
But still called him often
Just to say “I miss you, Daddy!

On this stroll with my Father
He would look at me and just smile
A smile that made the warmth of the sun
Fade in comparison to His.
Knowing my thoughts and remorse
He clenched my hands and whispered
You are the apple of my eye
And I have already forgiven you
Let us leave behind what is in the past
And press on towards what is ahead
For I remember not even what was done
For yesterday is gone, wiped clean
All I see is a beautiful creation
All I see is my love; a beautiful creation”

On this stroll to know my Father’s heart
I asked Him with tear-filled eyes
“Why do you love me so much and
What have I done to deserve your love?
That you would prove your love
By giving your only Son for me?
When I was the one who rebelled
And was supposed to prove my …”

“Hush! My child”, Daddy said
“I made you in my own image
You are mine and I love you
My love for you was a decision
Not a feeling and it doesn’t change
Based on your actions or the seasons
So hush my child, hush!
Just know that I love you!”

Daddy smiled, paused and said
“Just yesterday, he came back
My enemy came back to ask for you
He said he wanted you back
That he misses your company
That he doesn’t like what is hearing
About you and what you’re doing for me
That you’re promoting my kingdom
Instead of his, so he wants you back
Because you’ll be such a good agent
To be used for him once you come back
And he’ll use whatever means to get you back”

With that I screamed and went on my knees
Cried out; “NO! NO! NO! NO!
I don’t want to go back
Please tell him you said NO!
Daddy please forgive me for leaving
But I don’t want to go back
I don’t want to be what I used to be
I will never be the same again
I am a new creature
That’s what you promised me
That if I am in you, old things have passed away
And all things have been made new
Please, don’t let me go back
I don’t want to go back!”

With that Daddy broke down in tears
Tears like rain which rained down my hair
And He said softly, “I said, NO!
Even when he persisted
Tried to remind me of the past
I said NO! Even when he presented a case against you
I still said NO! And told him of my love for you
He only laughed and asked why I would love you?
Love you when you cheated on me with him
So I sent Jesus to him yesterday after he called
Just to remind him that
I love you and that he couldn’t have you
That over 2000 years ago
I gave up Jesus as a ransom
As a living sacrifice and spilled his blood
Just for you and the case against you
He showed his nail pierced hands
To remind him that
The price has been paid
And he can’t have you
So my love, I said, NO!
My mercy said, NO!
And I’m not ever letting you go!”

Abba Father, thank you for being the BEST example of who a Father should be. Thank you that YOU NEVER NEVER NEVER NEVER LET me Go. Even when I was a prodigal daughter, you sent grace and mercy after me, to make sure I found my way HOME. I am forever indebted to you!

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