But I have pleaded in prayer for you

“Simon, Simon, Satan has asked to sift each of you like wheat. But I have pleaded in prayer for you, Simon, that your faith should not fail. So when you have repented and turned to me again, strengthen your brothers” [Luke 22:31-32 NLT].

One of the things that the aforementioned verses make very clear is that it is possible for a person’s faith to fail, regardless of how close a person has once been with Jesus. 

Peter was in the inner circle of Jesus and had seen and shared things with the Master that some of the other disciples hadn’t been privy to. He saw the many miracles, the transfiguration of the Christ on the Mount, heard the glorious things that Jesus has spoken of and yet Jesus said of him that, “I have pleaded in prayer for you, Simon, that your faith should not fail”.

Don’t assume that the brother or sister heavily posting statuses and encouragement on Facebook, twitter or any social media is fine and doesn’t need your prayers. If you will ask such people to be honest with you they will let you know that half the time they are posting such statuses, they are undergoing intense trials and challenges. So I encourage you, pray for them and pray for us. 

Apostle Paul made it clear that in the last days “many shall fall away from the faith” [1 Timothy 4:1]. And indeed many are falling away from the faith because fighting the good fight may no longer be convenient, may be too challenging or taxing or because people’s faith have been infected with weird doctrines etc etc. 

When you read the epistles of Apostle Paul you will realize that He constantly asked the church to “pray for me” and he also let them know that he was constantly praying for them. Why would the great Apostle who had been to the 3rd heavens ask for prayer? Remember he had a thorn in his flesh that He asked God to take away on 3 occasions. Not to mention the intense persecution He was undergoing which constantly put his life on the line. You may ask but Apostle Paul was so powerful why did He need prayers? In this good fight of faith, the mere thought of knowing that someone is praying for you and with you encourages you to keep on fighting, because you know you are not in this alone. 

When Jesus saw that Peter was going to deny Him, He prayed for him that his faith will not fail. Jesus did not go on a gossiping campaign or witch hunting campaign. He prayed for Peter that his faith in Jesus will not fail.

This New Year, let us resolve to pray for each other so we ALL see the Master face-to-face and hear those glorious words “well done ye good and faithful servant, come into my rest

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