The Purge

What does a spiritual cleansing program look like? Can this program help you achieve your spiritual goals for the year?

Every Joint Supplies

Do you know that there is only body of believers and one Spirit? Do you know that we each have a part to play in making this body function the way it ought to?

Love like THAT!

The “love” way is the “higher” way… and that higher way is the God way. God is love and if we are of God, then our lives must be the “love” way.

Clothed in Royal Dignity

What is the big fuss with how we dress as Christian women? Does it even matter? Should we and can we dress anyhow?

The Root of Bitterness

Jesus foretold that offenses WILL come. The question then is not if they will come, but what we will do WHEN they come.

Don’t abort your dreams

Dreams, we all have them. But what do we do when it seems like the promises of God are not coming to pass in our lives?

You will stand before Kings

The diligent and excellent in character go further in life than the lazy, did you know that? But what does it take, to demonstrate excellence in all facets of our lives?

The Testing of Your Faith

The question is not whether or not the Christian will face troubles. Rather, the question is what will your response be in the face of such situations?