God of All Grace

Do you find yourself in a place where you wonder where your help will come from? Do you know that God is a God of ALL grace and is our ever present help in time of trouble?

The Wait!

Waiting; it is something that we do on a daily basis without realizing that we are even doing it. The Webster definition of “to wait” means “to remain inactive or in a state of repose, as until something expected happens” or “to stay in a place until an expected event happens, until someone arrives, until it is…

Choose Wisely

Sometimes the choices we have to make are not between good or bad, but between two seemingly good things. When we reach those crossroads, how do we choose?

He’s Intentional; All things are working out!

In our Christian walk, it is often challenging to believe that God still cares or that the challenges, trials and temptations we face are somehow supposed to “work together for our good”. However, I like how Travis Green put it in His song Intentional; “all things are working for my good, He’s intentional. This is a…

In HIS time…

What does it mean to be still and to wait on God? What if God’s timing for the manifestation of His promises do not match our timing expectations? What do we do?