The Excellency of the Power

Do you know that you have this great and precious treasure in your earthen vessel? Do you know what that treasure is, and what it does in you?

Making Somebodies, out of “Nobodies”

Do you believe that God take a seeming “nobody” and make him a somebody? Have you counted yourself out from God using you? Learn how God has used nobodies and how He can use you too.

Sons of Sceva

The work of ministry is great work which requires the anointing of the Holy Ghost to¬† do. It is truly not work for the faint-hearted and the shallow rooted but for those who are anchored, grounded and rooted in the word of God, and in their faith in Him. It requires a lot of sacrifices…

Stephen, a man full of the Holy Ghost

Often, we think that only the Pastor or elders in church should be spirit filled or ought to bear the fruits of the Holy Ghost. Yet, as born again Christians we are all ministers of reconciliation, with a crucial role to play in the Kingdom of God. You may not know what your role is…