The Spirit of Familiarity

Once, God had to speak through a donkey to get the attention of His own prophet because He had become familiar with God’s voice. What if that is what is stagnating your Christian growth?

Who told You?

There are many voices that seek to have a hold over your life. As we are exposed to information consistently, God is asking you “Who told you?”.

The Great Cloud of Witnesses

Did you know that you have a great cloud of witnesses, cheering you on? Patriarchs like King David, the prophets and Abraham are cheering you on to Fight the Good Fight of Faith and to finish your race.

He sent forth His word…

Are you battling storms and trials? Have you dug yourself into a hole so deep that you cannot get out? Let the WORD of God bring you out.

The Message of Grace

Israel and New Breed sang, “where would I be, if not for your grace, carrying me in every season”. What does grace mean?

As He Is…

What does it mean that, “As Jesus is, so are we in this world?” Is it just about the miracles, signs and wonders Jesus performed? Or could there be more?

The Purge

What does a spiritual cleansing program look like? Can this program help you achieve your spiritual goals for the year?

The Root of Bitterness

Jesus foretold that offenses WILL come. The question then is not if they will come, but what we will do WHEN they come.